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Using massage in the workplace

Onsite Massage is a simple and cost effective way to promote health and well being at work, increase stress management awareness and reduce work related injuries and stresses. It’s easy to implement in most organisations, without disrupting the workplace.

Our sessions are specially designed to relax and revitalise, helping your staff to remain tension free, alert and motivated. Treatment times are short so they can easily be incorporated into a busy working day or even a meal break. There are no messy oils or lotions and no need to remove your clothes. In fact you may not even need to leave your desk! Just relax and let our therapists take the strain.

We also supply feedback forms so that you can monitor the effectiveness of the treatments on your staff.

Normally onsite massage is used regularly eg 2 or 3 times a month but it can also make a difference when used in specific circumstances such as:

DEADLINES - long hours and deadlines leave staff drained. Onsite massage is a great way of relieving this pressure and boosting energy.

TRANSITION - change is stressful, massage can help people cope

INCENTIVES - A fun and healthy way to motivate your sales teams or improve customer service.

STAFF TRAINING / TEAM BUILDING - a popular 'break out' session to recharge batteries and improve concentration.

THANK YOU'S - a thoughtful way of thanking staff or clients

- add an extra dimension to your corporate event, see REVIVE your Event for more information

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