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Nearly 60% of absences from work are caused by stress or anxiety related illness.

Health & Safety Executive

Stress in the workplace

The effects of stress are a major problem in today's workplace. An occupational stress published in the Sunday Times revealed that stress-related problems can reduce business profits by up to 10%.

Stress is a necessary part of every day life. However frequent and sustained stress depletes energy and debilitates the immune system. This can cause increased susceptibility to illness and a host of stress related conditions such headaches and depression, which leads to increased absenteeism, high staff turnover and reduced productivity.

Facts & Figures
  • Work related stress affects one in five people - BUPA website
  • A Royal SunAlliance survey in 2000 revealed that over 70% of adults have experienced stress in the workplace.
  • It is a major cause of sickness absence resulting in more than 13 million lost working days each year, at annual cost to British industry of around £10 billion.
  • Research commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) indicates that nearly 60% of all absences from work are caused by stress or anxiety related illness
  • Employers have a legal obligation to their staff to recognise and take steps to prevent stress at work from becoming a health risk (Management of Health and Safety Regulations, 1992). The HSE now includes this in their inspections.
  • In 2001, 6,428 companies were forced to pay out on stress related damages claims, with an average award of £51,000 - BUPA press release 5 Aug 2003.

Dr David Costain, BUPA’s Deputy Group Medical Director, said: “The health and happiness of an employee is clearly important to an employer and effective absence management practices ultimately benefit both employee and employer. Such policies should also incorporate workplace stress”.

The welfare of your staff should be a priority for your business. It costs less to prevent than to cure and there are simple but effective ways for companies to reduce stress at work. REVIVE Yoga & Massage is can help you manage the health and well being of your workforce through a range of onsite massage therapies, yoga and relaxation techniques.

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