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"I love my weekly yoga class. Somethimes I arrive tired and irritable but after a few minutes I'm totally relaxed and have forgotten about what was worrying me".

Jackie, Belfast
Our Services

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a combination of physical exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation. It promotes flexibility, improves posture, increases stamina and strength and calms the mind. Often recommended by the medical profession for back problems and anxiety.

Yoga revitalises the immune system, so less working days are lost through minor sicknesses like colds and flus. It harmonises the left and right sides of the brain so that logical and creative thought come together. Yoga stimulates your nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems so energy levels are boosted.

Revive also run a number of regular weekly yoga classes

REVIVE Yoga & Massage
can deliver yoga classes for groups of up to 20 people. These can be at any time during the working day or before work as an early morning energy booster or after work to wind down from a hard day.

Classes are 1 hour or 1 hour 30 mins in duration.

Relaxation sessions

Physical relaxation appears easy but is a skill that needs to be learnt . The body's reaction to stress involves a change in breathing and muscle tension. The aim of relaxation is to control these to calm the body and mind. When we relax tense muscles unknot, blood pressure lowers, natural endorphins are released, breathing deepens and the mind becomes quiet.

The session combines progressive muscle relaxation, breathing exercises and visualisation to bring body and mind to a state of total relaxation. An excellent way to recharge the batteries during conferences and training days.

Suitable for groups of up to 20. Minimum time required 30mins.

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